Recent cell  reprogramming studies indicate that mammalian somatic cells have the potential to achieve pluripotent states and undergo cell type switching. Such cellular traits are observed under natural conditions in animals that regenerate complex organs. Elucidating the mechanisms that underlie these processes may open new therapeutic avenues for regenerative medicine. The prize would be a paradigm shift that could fundamentally transform the practice of medicine and healthcare economics. 

The mission of Cell Reprogramming & Therapeutics LLC is the development of cell reprogramming solutions for generation of neuronal and glial subtypes that could potentially be used as cellular models for drug discovery and toxicity studies, as well as cell-based therapeutics for several neurological disorders.  

The small molecule approach (synonyms are chemical or chemical genetics approach) is the main strategy for reprogramming adult somatic cells into neural cell types. The main tools are epigenetic modifiers and modulators of specific cell-signaling pathways which we have been using to develop unique cell reprogramming cocktails for production of neural cells.

In addition, we aim to provide scientists with the most recent news in the field of cell reprogramming and to supply them with small molecule cell reprogramming chemicals individually or in combinations as kits.